1. 1. How does the program work?

    The program is hands-on since the best way to learn to code is by writing it. We keep the lectures to a minimum; ninety percent of your day is spent building projects, with guidance and advice from us. Our model is “do-and-learn”, “ask-and-learn”.

    We make you learn by working on tasks exclusively designed for building concepts and knowledge. The workload is designed such that you gain 1-to-2 years equivalent experience in 3 months of InFI program.

  1. 2. What happens after InFI Program?

    At the end of the program, we help you find a position as an entry-level application developer. Over twelve weeks, you’ll have built a significant portfolio of code showing what you’re capable of. On the last day, we host an interview day to introduce you to tech companies looking to hire entry-level developers.

    You are no more a fresher, you must be confident and exhibit the level of knowledge you gained during the program. You can comfortably claim 1+ years of expertise.

    The demand for ready to deploy employable entry-level professionals is very strong. We are approached by many companies in Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad to help them provide entry-level, junior developers.

  1. 3. Are 12 weeks enough to prepare a beginner to become a developer?

    Yes. InFI has a placement rate of 80% at an average annual salary of Rs 180,000 We have been doing this for the past eleven years and built an alumni base of 500+ professionals.

    We’ve specifically designed the program with a focus on the skills you need to begin a career as a software engineer. We emphasize the practical skills you’ll need, which is why we have you spend so much of the program gaining experience by working on projects. Over the 600+ hours of hands-on working time, we mentor you in every aspect of software professional.

    Our past alumni have repeatedly told us that by training in an immersive environment with constant access to instructors, they were able to learn much faster than if they had studied on their own.

  1. 4. Who should apply?

    Prior programming (academic) knowledge will help, but there are no hard requirements besides a passion and inquisitiveness to make computers work for you. You do need to be comfortable using a computer and persistence to make computer work as per your instructions.

  1. 5. What kind of time commitment does InFI require from me?

    The program will be rewarding, but it will not be easy. On average, expect to put in 10-to-15 hours per day, six days a week. Three months of commitment from you is a must and spend about 600 hours, programming computer.

  1. 6. What is the application process? What makes a successful application?

    The application process consists of a few steps:

    1. You submit an application.
    2. Within two days, we will mail you (or call) to take an online test. If you are from Chennai you need to come and take an online test at InFI.
    3. We interview you.
    4. Face-to-face discussion to check your capabilities
    5. Within two days, we make a decision.

    The most important parts of our process are to figure-out your commitment to the program. Basic learnability and logical thinking.

  1. 7. How competitive is the application process?

    The application process is competitive, because applicants need to be prepared to succeed in a difficult program, and because we only enroll applicants when we feel confident the program will work for them. And everybody gets benefitted.

  1. 8. Will I need to buy any computer hardware?

    During the program, we provide a fully loaded computing environment, so you won’t need to buy any hardware.

    The office is open 24/7, but if you want to work at home, you may buy/bring your own laptop.