Career Programs

Career Programs for Freshers

InFI Employability programs make freshers ready for the jobs we have identified with our partner companies. The job is guaranteed for the participants based on the commitment and skills developed during the program.

InFI is a world-class professional development organization built on rich global industry experience, modern infrastructure, and thoughtful role specific competency building program, for each industry, covering both technical and soft-skills to consistently produce and readily deployable productive workforce.

Our professional development programs and the mentors are focused on making the fresher job ready and are productive from the first day of employment.


Business Applications Developers
Business Development Executives
IT Desktop Support Engineer | Fresher's Job- Chennai

InFI is launching a Professional Development Program leading to Desktop Engineer and other leading IT infrastructure maintenance Companies.

3 Months- 10 Hours

With a 3 month mentorship from top mentors, you bet you are going to be way ahead of the league. With 10 hours dedicated to sharpening your skills, InFI can give you the edge no other training institute can.

Weekly Assessments

Learn your Strengths and weaknesses at the end of every week. Keep on top of your game and make the best of the mentoring. Practice makes perfect and what better way that tests and assessments.

Client Interaction

Our latest offering is industry standard client interaction. Every month, you will meet clients and learn hands-on global corporate standards. This gives you the perfect time to plan better.


We can help you review and reassess yourself at every step of the journey. Maximum preparation and smart work will be what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Guaranteed Interview

Your days of searching for mediocre jobs are over. With InFI, now you can find the perfect job waiting for you once you nail the interview. Our partners are always in search of talented candidates.

    InFI is a creation of IT industry experts with 100+ man years of experience in India, UK, and the US. The team has firsthand experience of the problem, “Talent Shortage” and the magnitude of its impact on the Indian economy. InFI is a well-researched, effective solution for “Ready to Deploy” workforce development.


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